Why flying is not as safe as you thought?

You probably read a lot of times on media saying flying is the safest way of transportation, since the statistics show the death of air travel per travel range is lower than cars and trains.

We believe this point of view is a trick of the aviation industry, since flying benefits a lot from its much higher speed. The situation totally changes when we calculate the deaths against per journey, the air travel risk is 3 times higher than the car.

Besides, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that over 50% of car fatality came from two leading causes, speeding and alcohol. As air travel has a very low possibility of alcohol and speeding, removing these two factors which are mostly under your own control in the car driving, the risk of flying is 6 times higher than cars.

There are differences in flight safety!

Air transportation is a three-dimension movement and cannot stop midway when facing a problem, it is a much more complicated system than ground transportation. Flight safety depends on many factors working well at the same time such as airlines, airplane types, airplane maintenance, pilot skills, airports, flight schedule, terrains, weather, etc. Our database and study also show the causes of flight accidents can be any single factor, and the condition of each factor for different flights can vary a lot. However, it is difficult for the passengers to know such information when booking flights.

Let our aviation experts find out the risks and help you choose safer flights before booking!

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