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Why flying is not as safe as you thought?

You probably read a lot of times on media saying flying is the safest way of transportation, since the statistics show the death of air travel per travel range is lower than cars and trains.

We believe this point of view is a trick of the aviation industry, since flying benefits a lot from its much higher speed. The situation totally changes when we calculate the deaths against per journey, the air travel risk is nearly 3 times higher than the car.

Besides, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that over 50% of car fatality came from two leading causes, speeding and alcohol. As air travel has a very low possibility of alcohol and speeding, removing these two factors which are mostly under your own control in the car driving, the risk of flying is 6 times higher than cars.


Why should carefully choose a fight?

You know whether you are drunk or speeding, most of the time your safety is under your control when driving. However, you lose initiative when flying, your safety depends on other people. The safety of different flights can vary a lot because of different airlines, pilot skills, airplane types, airplane maintenance, terrains, airports, air routes, weather, etc. Passengers can’t know their airline operation condition, the airplane maintenance condition, the defect of some certain airplane types, or when there is likely turbulence from their air tickets.

What is Flight Safety Comparison?

We are a team of experienced engineers from different fields of the aviation industry, and we have developed a database and algorithm that considers a variety of hidden factors to measure flight safety. Our Flight Safety Comparison can help you select safer flights before booking. For example, if you are going to fly to London from New York and preferring two flight options, you can fill in these two flight information (codes and dates) respectively as option 1 and option 2 on this page. Our database and algorithm can include over 11 factors behind to score each flight. 

What will you receive?

Because of the business sensitivity, we will not disclose what factors we consider, the steps to achieve the judge, or the scores for every single aspect. We can only deliver the 1st page of the Safety Comparing Report with a conclusion* at the above area and blur other areas. You can find a sample report below for flying from New York to London via two different flights of Virgin Atlantic.


Delivery Time

48 hours after payment.

Delivery Way

You can log in** and go to My Account > Orders, then click “View” to find the PDF attached below.

Delivery Delay

Our flight safety comparison needs manual analysis, in case of orders overload, the result delivery may delay (see Refund Policy).

Refund Policy

You can apply for a refund*** of your order if our Flight Safety Report arrives later than 48 hours after payment. Your order is non-refundable if our Flight Safety Report is delivered within 48 hours after payment.

*Our database and analysis model keep updating from time to time because of new events in the aviation industry. Therefore, the results for the same flights can change for different calculating time.

**You need to log in before placing an order.

***Click the “Refund” button for the order you want to refund at My Account > Orders.


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