Fear of Flying

overcome fear of flying

Do you have a fear of flying? Were you excited and meanwhile nervous when you were expecting a vacation by air? Did you ever give up a wonderful travel destination only because you have to go there by airplane? The aviation industry says traveling by air is one of the safest traveling ways, however, we could still hear the accidents from time to time every year.

You need not hide your anxiety, and it is not an embarrassing thing to tell your family, friends, or colleagues before travel. According to some studies, over 20% of people are suffering from fear of flying. If you ever paid attention to the reactions of the other passengers during flying, you can find the cabin became suddenly silent and people closed their eyes during taking off, landing, and continuous cabin vibration. You are not alone!

How to overcome the fear of flying? Not like others, SAFEFLIGHTCHOICE.com is not a psychological counseling or science popularization website for comfort people against the fear of flying, we do it in a more proactive and physical way. When people are going to buy air tickets, they may not have cared about the information behind it and thought there is no difference in safety for different flight choices.

However, as professionals of aviation, we (About Us) can tell you that there are differences. Flight safety is a complicated issue, besides the airline and airplane type, many other factors can also have a significant impact. We have developed a set of databases and analysis models to help you select a safe flight when you are going to buy air tickets (see our Flight Safety Comparison). We believed making a safer flight choice is more important than buying flight insurance.

Updated on SEP 27, 2020