About Us

The founder of SAFE FLIGHT CHOICE has been an aviation enthusiast since his childhood. After finishing his graduate school in engineering, he joined one of the largest commercial airplane manufacturers and as a design engineer for 8 years, then worked in the airplane maintenance field for over 7 years. As he was knowing more and more about the aviation industry, he realized that the flight safety of the modern commercial airplane is systematic engineering. It depends on the contribution of every tiny aspect, and one failure can destroy it.

Although the founder knows the aviation industry very well, he is afraid of traveling by air. The fear of something can be out of the unknown or on the other side a well understanding. In addition, the founder is interested in studying accident investigations, and he believes he knows 95% of the airliner accidents since 1960 with a variety of kinds of causes, and this interest further aggravates his anxiety about taking a flight. Every time when he had to travel by air, he had difficulty in making a ticket choice, since he always tried to use his knowledge to figure out which flights are safer than others. As this situation happened again and again, he decided to develop a database and analysis method that can measure the flight safety index.

Other members of SAFE FLIGHT CHOICE are all professionals from the different areas of aviation, such as airline operation, quality, supply chain, airworthiness authorization. They all keep contributing and improving our database and analysis methods to reflect the actual situation as much as possible. We hope our Flight Safety Comparison can help you relive the fear of flight and choose a safer flight based on our knowledge.

Updated on SEP 19, 2020